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Designing a log home is an exciting challenge. The first step is to view countless floor plans and walk through as many log homes as possible. During our log home seminars we provide the floor plans to all our homes on the tour. We find it helps with determining spatial orientation and room layout. It is very helpful to see completed projects and compare them to your vision.

After the review, we may start by sketching something from scratch or off of one of our completed projects. This log home sketch allows us to make the necessary changes and allows you to see your vision on paper. Once we’ve created our first sketch, we allow you to review it again for any other modifications. We then hand the sketch off to the design team to make the subtle refinements that you require to create the preliminary plan.

After we have created your preliminary plan we allow you to review and edit until they are exactly as you vision. After they meet your approval, we then create the final log home construction plans.
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